Why External Hard Drives are increasingly addictive

Over the past weekend I bought a beautiful Toshiba 500 GB external. I can now admit that I was struggling along on two 80 GB drives, and with the amount of data I horde it was becoming awkward. My stuff is mainly kept on DVD’s, although externals may be my next choice.


There’s a saying that says “A man can never have enough RAM.” Well, this is true but I also think that a man can never have enough drives to feel comfortable. I’m really depressing when I buy a new drives, because it gets filled fast. I put on my music and music videos, which made a small dent in the storage space, then along came my movies…



Anyway so why am I now addicted to something that fills up quickly…well, its portable! They are fun, and its much easier to share stuff with people, not to mention formatting your pc and giving it a ‘clean out’. Next month I’ll probably buy another one (all depending on finances, of course). Its taken storage to another level, and stops me now from buying stacks of spindles.


Right now I’ll try and not think of it dying on me. Who knows maybe I’ll have one for Movies, then Music, Anime…etc.


Call me an information whore, I think a bit of wishing is a good thing now and again.





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