The Counting Crows owned the stage

I recently saw the Counting Crows perform in South Africa. It was last night to be exact. I got dragged along by my brother who is an absolute fan of theirs, it was good. I’m not exactly a huge fan so it was a bit tricky being in the prescence of a die-hard (that would me my brother). Because of him I’ve listened to a great deal of the two albums August and Everything After (one of their most popular I believe) and Hard Candy. These are their older albums that its safe to say have a lot of Classics on.



Anyway the reason I won’t give them a shitty review for their performance is not because I know some songs well, but because they pull off a good performance. A band has to be really skilled to match up to studio albums on stage. Counting Crows were pretty darn close to what I’d listened to on my CD player. I’ve heard that the reason they do this is because they record their songs in a large mansion. So when you heard a studio album of theirs its basically a semi-live performance without similar acoustics and no screams from the roaring crowd.


So yes it was a good show, and impressive…although I must say again not my style, but good-listening nonetheless. They’re also seasoned players so there seemed to be few mistakes, if any.


Overall…One Thumbs Up! (The other one is reserved for DevilDriver coming to SA in November!)





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