Keep working, Stay stupid

Many people find offices torture even those working there. I must be that mundane feeling of working day in and out trapped in a confined space and going through the same work there. And don’t lie to me either no one enjoys it, its just that a job is a job.


You work at a job because the pay gives you a sense of security, or you enjoy your colleagues. (If this doesn’t help you get up for work, although it keeps you from leaving.) No really goes to work because they enjoy it. Please gimme a break. You can’t love being commercial prison. Even if the inmates are friendly, you don’t willingly go there.


Excuse the sudden flash of sarcasm, but I can’t help think most people feel that way about work. There’s that saying “Born free, Taxed to death.” I would like to extend the phrase


Born free worked for considerably hours, and earned a pittance. Supported a family who expects daddy to dish out the dollars, and taxed to a slow and dismal death.



Ah, that feels a lot better now to lay it out straight like that. Now to get on to the title…In a business (the bottom end of it) you’re expected to look stupid. If you start to appear too intelligent the other (more stupid) people, become suspicious. This is from experience, I can vouch for that. Now I’m not talking about discussing science with everyone or throwing out big complex words…here is my example.


I get to work 30 minutes early. So instead of mindlessly looking at my computer screen and drinking coffee, I read a book. It gets me started before my day takes a flying leap, and its pretty much the highlight of day (other than the end of the day, or the approach of a weekend.) Although, I think sitting quietly and reading may have somehow told everyone else that they are bloody stupid. This is because I got hauled into the boss’ office.


Now another thing that bothers me is the boss’ office is also at the end of a long corridor. It is psychological, because your thoughts are racing on each step which makes for quiet a cerebral marathon. So once you arrive there you totally rattled (despite your best efforts to look composed and professional.) You’re not a nervous wreck either, just a bit disturbed on the inside.


Now talking to my Boss is somewhat disorientating. The reason being he insists on wearing sunglasses all day. On a rainy day during a storm there he’ll be with his ‘shades’ on. So its hard to place where his eyes are in the black void. This makes you start to focus on another feature like his mouth, and eventually you avoid looking at him. The second you look away he starts to think you’re not paying attention. I had to force myself to keep my eyes on the tyrant.


I was told I wasn’t doing my job. When I’m at work I must be doing work. Bosses on the whole don’t seem to have a grip on volatile emotion (like anger), so I put on my serious face, nodded and uttered a reluctant “yessir”.


Bosses are another story I’ll get on to later. In this post I just thought that I’d give everyone else a hint…Don’t look too clever, it’s dangerous! (…so I’ve learnt). Quite honestly I think it’s worth the risk.


Your brain is your best friend most of the time!






One thought on “Keep working, Stay stupid

  1. Stein says:

    Ha, tell me about it man… work is evil, as are bosses. Seriously, what kind of sadistic freak wants to lord it over a bunch of poor peons struggling to earn a decent living wage? Anarcho-syndicalism is the way to go.

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