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Take what is yours… and Kill it

I’ve just watched one of those revenge movies, and I find them fun. Besides the fact that it’s wrong to brutally murder your enemies, along with their family, I’m sure there’s a rush or at least some sense of accomplishment involved. The movie that I’m referring to is Death Sentence, although revenge is almost a clichéd theme in film nowadays. It gives off an easy storyline with that feeling of the hunter track down and kill the injustice. This isn’t a skilled professional always. They can be an average guy whose lover/close friend/relative/etc is killed. They have no experience in killing and rush into the scenario with lots of ammo and surprising results.


Being a guy I get this instinctive tingle when I see a gun cocked and loaded in a care-free fashion. While I’m getting all hyped up about killing people a question comes into my head. Why are we supporting the raging lunatic who takes revenge (killing more than necessary)? Don’t get me wrong here either. It’s plenty of fun to watch the bad guy getting fucked up, but technically it’s not right.


If I’m losing you because you haven’t seen Death Sentence, here’s a short catch-up.


1 Father’s son is murdered by a gang.

2 Father kills the killer.

3 Friends of the gang member get upset and threaten and kill the rest of the Father’s family.

4 Father gets pissed and buys lots of guns.


The rest is up to your imagination. You can pretty much join the dots. By the end of the movie we do see that the father is now officially crazy, but I still felt like I was supporting him. I wouldn’t say that I’m feeling guilty about it now; it’s just interesting how we are biased to a person who has been dealt an injustice. When you see little kids fighting, you often hear them plea to an authoritarian saying:


“It’s not my fault, he started.”


Well that’s what it’s all about isn’t it. We’re looking for who got the raw deal, and them backing them like a hero. I don’t know about you but I’m not going to back the criminal that would be too boring, since they are going to die in the end anyway, right?






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