Technology giving me a back hand

Today I bought a new mouse and keyboard. The reason is because the legs were broken on my old one, so I was using two doorstops (literally) on either end of the keyboard to prop it up slightly. There was a slight inconvenience about gearing up with the latest stuff…


I got a much better mouse to use. It looks nice and is laser instead of the well-known optical. So yes is better more accurate, more powerful, and let’s not forget that it has a higher dpi setting. This means it is WAY more sensitive. I moved it about a quarter of an inch and my mouse went careering across the screen. To put it in lay mans terms. It’s a bit like holding onto the steering wheel of a car that is moving at a violent speed. You know how a car operates, but every turn causes an exaggerated reaction.


I may not be a racing driver that burns up rubber. But I’m surely good at surfing in an ocean of information.





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