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Piracy/Cyber stealing being promoted?

I tried to Google the two words ‘piracy laws’ a while ago and it insisted I was actually searching for privacy laws and NOT piracy. It seems even Google wants us to throw legalities out the window. Since we’re a Data generation, piracy is clearly a social concern for some.


This sounds terribly stupid but I’ll answer the simple question…Why is Pirating music, film, games, software (blah, blah, blah…) illegal? Answer: You’re stealing other people’s money. And you could go on to say that you’re stopping new musicians from making money. This is basically cyber stealing. You’re taking what isn’t yours and holding on to it. The thing is whether you pirate 2 million songs or a single album…you’re still stealing one way or the other. And if I think of 10 friends (picking them at random) all of them will have some kind of pirated material. I would be highly surprised if 8 or nine out of ten of them didn’t. Now onto my other argument which is…the computer manufacturers.




Technology is getting bigger. Storage space is expanding. Four years ago you were lucky if you owned a memory stick with 1GB worth of storage. The reason being is that they were far more expensive and you didn’t seem many around. Now if you have one it’s a small one. Hard drives are getting bigger and let’s not forget the debate about DVD’s expanding from dual layer to Blu-ray technology.



So if companies are producing bigger storage hardware, can you comfortably say that most of it will be put to legal use? Firstly you might have film producers storing there edited data on it, which would be legitimate. NASA might have a couple of super-duper computers where they store all there stuff. Or even Microsoft, and all the engineers, and programmers running things. Although think about even they’ll have some of their favorite songs tucked away, to play in the office when they are bored, or maybe some porn videos taken off a torrent site (kept in a hidden folder of course).


So yes I won’t deny it’s against the law to pirate stuff, but it is being promoted to a certain degree. Although despite all of this trying to say that it is a justified activity doesn’t seem to suffice. There’ll still be a large question mark hanging over the whole thing.



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2 thoughts on “Piracy/Cyber stealing being promoted?

  1. Stein says:

    Piracy is one step towards a completely free society. Once people can wrap their minds around music/movies/games etc. being free, then we can extend that way of thinking towards everything else, as well

  2. I buy what software is deserved to be bought – Plain and simple (Yes, I HAVE gotten a copy of a game, enjoyed it, then bought the original (For the box, the manual, the cool looking CD, etc))

    – Reelix

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