Jessica Alba…The Blind Girl

I’m normally a bit nervous of approaching films with Jessica Alba in them. She didn’t do such a bad job with Fantastic Four, but still I can’t help but feel she is a bit girly. I think she’s employed for her looks and not her acting…but recently she’s surprised me.

Poor Jessica has been swamped by the media because she has good looks, and isn’t afraid to use them. You could also blame it on the amount Jessica has been marketed. Don’t worry this post isn’t going to turn into I-think-Jess-is-amazing rant. This is more of a comment on a recent film of hers I saw titled The Eye.

The Story line

Alba plays a blind girl (Sidney). Her senses are well honed other than the obvious one that is kaput. She is very talented, she plays the violin well (with an orchestra) but like many that are blind, she wants to know what she’s missing out on. So she happens to receive a cornea transplant from a Mexico woman. This woman saw dead people (or at least people about to die) now Sidney has the same problem.

Her doctor doesn’t fully agree with her. She has started seeing for the first time, so the doctor thinks that she’s just taking time to adjust. It was interesting because at some stage I thought the doctor would pull the cliché and tell her to go and see a shrink. I was actually hoping that would happen. If you see stuff that’s not normally there, you’d think that would be the logical thing to suggest. To my surprise it wasn’t mentioned not even once.

Going back to the story the Sidney finds out more about the Mexican girl. Things get out of control when you start to interfere with dead souls about to claim people.

Is it worth watching?

Hmmm…well I going to have to go ahead and disappoint Jessica Alba fans and say no. It might make you scared at parts and shit your pants, but as horror movies go its weak it doesn’t really go anywhere. I think they could’ve looked into Sidney’s ability seeing undead souls. Another criticism is Alba’s supporting actor was weak and clichéd. Dr Paul Faulkner played by Alessandro Nivola.

This was based on a Hong Kong film, which I’m keen to watch. Often the American industry remakes Japanese/Chinese horror films, and messes them up badly. This might be the case although I’ll have to see the original first.



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