The force watching over you

Today as I was leaving to work the sun was out. As I was leaving I was not blinded by it, but instead looked and saw the moon was visible against the blue backdrop we call sky. It was inspiring and comforting in an odd sort of way. When I see signs in nature I pay attention to them. Nature is a symbol of our roots, and the place we came from. We came from apes, which in turn came from something else…and it goes on until all we’re left with is an amoeba surviving in nature.



So indirectly when you think of nature, you’re reminiscing, and finding comfort in something bigger than yourself (and dare I use the word deity). Well for me the moon is a sign of tranquility and peace. The moon ‘sleeps’. When we are busy throwing the Z’s the moon (besides being present is sleeping as well). Yes it’s a symbol of night, and arguably it may be watching over us. But I think if you see something you can’t assume its awake. This morning though I felt the moon was awake…watching me maybe. It seemed fresh on the blue sky, although it might’ve been visible since the previous night.


It was a comfort to me and I felt looked after. It’s good to have a symbol to start off your day with.





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