King Henry VIII Returns…as a Hunk?

I’m referring to the film I saw recently titled The Other Boleyn Girl. The Media has recently had a fascination with the politics revolving around the Tudor period. Phillipa Gregory brought out a novel called The Other Boleyn Girl, this movie is subsequently based on the book. I’ll first start off slow about what the film was like, and build to my eye-catching title.



Brief Outline


The Two Boleyn Girls Mary and Anne are fighting for the Kings attention. The title is focused on Mary, since this is the woman that seduced the king and didn’t lose anything – and went on to live a normal life and die a natural death. Maybe because she wasn’t killed she was ‘forgotten’ by history. So this movie centers around her and her relationship with her sister and the King.


These two women are trying to bed the King, not because they choose to, but rather because they are under a large amount of pressure. This comes from their Sir Thomas Boleyn (the girls’ father) and the Duke of Norfolk (their Uncle). The Duke most probably applies the strongest pressure. Anne is the first daughter in the family to be ordered to try and seduce the King. Paradoxically Mary is the first (not because she is married) being the one who nurses the injuries of the King after a hunt.


King Henry VIII loses interest in Mary once she bears a child, and moves his attention on to Anne. Anne has since been exiled to France and returned a far more mature, as well as out-spoken. Anne is far more manipulative than the previous Boleyn girl, and forces the King to divorce his current wife. This means he divides his loyalty as well as splitting from the traditional Christian church.


All I can say is that the rest follows the same path that history did.



Mary (the blonde seductress)





This character most probably had the most freedom, since there is little known about her in history. All historians have is her name, relation to Anne, and record of her bastard son. Scarlett Johannson plays a reserved character, although one foible that is contrary is her beauty. This was maybe a factor that brought the King to her initially. The film portrays the affair between her and the King being a more romantic and intense experience. It was hard for a woman not to catch the eye of the King (unless she was from a different social class).


Mary is a pure bombshell and stands out in beauty, whereas her sister stands out in personality. Mary is the eldest and feels responsible for the most in the family. She ruins her own marriage, and betrays her sister by catching the eye of the King when Anne was initially instructed to do so. Despite the Father and Uncle giving orders, they regard themselves to be superior to these to girls.


Once she finds out that Anne catches the King’s attention, she now feels responsible for part of it and also bears a bastard son. In a sense she was the most unlucky because she was unable to produce a legitimate heir to the throne. Although she escaped with the most, she was not the political player her sister was. She ‘failed’ everyone but because of her reject she escaped unscathed.



Anne (Miss hard-to-get-married-to)



This woman was almost as famous as her husband was infamous. She produced an heir, spilt the church and miscarried two male children. This woman was seen as the most manipulative in the story. She fell out with the King early on. Her family was ashamed when they learnt she had secretly married a man from the court. Her family exiled her to France. When she returned she heavily seduced the King (although she was determined to marry him) they had a relationship. So in other words she was a sly fox, who made the King desire her so much he split the church and called his relationship with Catherine of Aragon.



King Henry VIII (Attractive?)


This is called the reason Hollywood should be shot. I went onto Wikipedia, and here’s a picture of what King Henry VIII should look like:




First off this guy is fat. He’s a modern-day MacDonald’s junkie. He is also blonde, and has at least a double chin. Now here is the Hollywood version…



Now this guy has clothes that hardly fit on him. Also his chin doesn’t merge with the rest of his body. He also doesn’t look the least bit unattractive (oh and he’s Australian, not as bad as American although close nonetheless).







8 thoughts on “King Henry VIII Returns…as a Hunk?

  1. a sympathiser says:

    I’ve been reading about the Tudor era in history for the last 7 yrs, and the info appears to be acurate. I totally agree with your comparison of the REAL King Henry VIII and Eric Bana, it appears Hollywood didn’t even try to make the appearance believable.
    There is also a new series I’ve come across in-store, called TUDOR, this King Henry VIII also looks not a thing like the REAL Henry VIII.
    I forget the actor’s name, but its a young man also with dark hair, and is slender and has “sex appeal.”
    Now it was said when King Henry VIII was YOUNG that he posessed such qualities, but as he got older disease etc had to do with his gain in weight.
    I believe another reason for it was that he was unhappy with some of his last marriages, and so was taking to eating as a form of comfort. .
    From the time he was young, to the time he died, I believe his armor had to be lengthened in the waist by 19 inches…..
    I have not as of yet seen “The Other Boleyn Girl,” I will not judge the appearance of the monarch when it comes down to the acting in other words to make the story believable, and as close to history as possible, but I do have to admit and agree with you that the lack of likeness between the King Henry VIII Real and Hollywood is a disappointment.
    Brining the history to life also means bringing the Characters to life….

  2. Julia says:

    Uh. King Henry probably was still fit when married to Anne, because she was only the second wife and it wasn’t so long after Catherine of Aragon, whom he married when he was 17. We was a big man yes, but muscular and tall. So perhaps, except for the hair colour and skin complexion that should be much whiter, hollywood didn’t get it so wrong.

  3. lolaa says:

    i have watched this movie and it is not about king henry viii it is more lie pricess diann, king henry was not fit and slim when he was old, he gained weight and had big broughed shoulders.
    i ahve only learn’t a little bit about him but what you said is not completly true.

  4. Stephy says:

    Hmm, while I understand where you’re coming from I have to disagree. Yes, Henry VIII was grossly overweight and unattractive during the later years of his life. However, during the events of his transition from his first wife Catherine of Aragon to Anne Boleyn, Henry looked much more attractive based on his portraits from 1530-1536, around the age of 40.

    Also, although we would find him unattractive by our standards in the present, Henry VIII was considered to be a great catch during the 14th century. A perfect example is Anne Boleyn herself. I mean, look at her portraits… I wouldn’t hit that with a ten foot pole. But, by 14th century standards she was considered one of the prettiest women of her time.

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