Do Ghosts Exist?

Now when I talk about ghosts, I don’t mean the prankster that has a bed sheet over his head. I’m also not necessarily referring to only the frightening entities. Ghosts have some negative connotations attached to it. It assumes that this spirit/force/entity is out to get you. The evil against the good. If you’ve watched a horror movie or two, it doesn’t make it any easier.


Yes I do believe there is something out there. Ghosts and spirits have got a lot of bad press through the media. I’ve spoken to people who’ve witnessed ‘ghosts’ these other people. What I’ve heard is that they are rarely harmful. On the other hand I’ve read accounts of people being scratched and cut by invisible beings.


I’m pretty ambivalent about the whole thing. So here are some pictures I found on the web concerning ghosts…











The last image displayed here isn’t an actual ghost. It’s a special method someone uses on stage to give the appearance on a ghost-like figure. I’ll go into some detail another time. I like the image though…very powerful.





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