Dolls as people

I got inspired to do more photography, and grabbed some dolls, that would be Barbie dolls to take pictures of. I’m pleased with what came out of it. I didn’t really spend enough time doing it. All in all I must’ve been there for about 20 minutes.


I’ve learnt one trick in photography, always take your photos in color, for the simple reason that there is more to play around with in photoshop. The one black and white image below was originally in color, but I decided to reduce the detail and turn it into grayscale.


Here is what came out of the exercise…




Watching her relax







You were there







Your broken hand









What dreams are built on





There’ll be more next time




One thought on “Dolls as people

  1. I collect dolls. I enjoyed your picture and yes there is always more next time. You may find some props in my store to use for your photography. Get some coffee and browse. Best Wishes!

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