Ted Bundy – The Most Infamous

I joined a facebook group that had an interest in violence, and I was browsing through all the serial killers. I discovered some new ones, and decided to research Ted Bundy. I knew his name, but not the details behind him.


It turns out he was a really good looking serial killer. A serial killer changes his habits. That stuff in movies about a murderer getting away with doing multiple murders the same way, is a load of bullshit. You’re just stupid if you stick to the same plan because guess what…some one’s gonna figure you out. This man seemed to be obsessed with killing young women. The ages of the women he killed ranged from 15-25 years of age.

There was one more problem, he was charming and good-looking. People respond better to good-looking people. Ted different have an unusual face which meant that descriptions of him varied, and he have the ability of concealing his identity pretty well by simply adding a moustache or beard. People estimate that he killed between 25-100 people.


The estimate is on 35, which Bundy admitted to a lawyer is most probably closer to the actual number (earlier when someone had asked if he’d killed 35 people, he said that they’d have to put another zero on that to make it accurate). I’m still surprised that he was so successful. What was amazing is that he evaded the cops for long, and not to forget that when captured by the police he escaped and resumed killing.


The night before his death he had an interview with James Dobson. He claimed that pornography started him killing. I won’t deny that I think the porn was fuel to the fire, although I don’t ever think you can have a single scapegoat. Porn may be part of it, although I think a lot of it has to do with the adrenaline rush of killing. Killers are thrill seekers. They want that high, and intensity of feeling someone dying in their hands.


Some people said that after talking to him, he seemed like a natural killer. He was obsessed with killing and when asked about killings years back, he described it with detail as if it had just happened. I have to be skeptical I don’t think you can be a natural at killing people, because every killer has a first victim they start off with. I’m sure if you get in the amount of practice someone like Bundy got, it does become more professional.


I’m no psychologist but I assume that the rush is still there.





4 thoughts on “Ted Bundy – The Most Infamous

  1. ub3rbunny says:

    what if ted bundy was a normal guy … he got dumped by girl ( hypothesis) … then killed first person , he couldnt believe it … but managed to get away with it … and that in mind .. he found out he could get away with it … and so he solved his problems …and then he finally got caught .. and when people heard bout his previous killings they got shocked…. lets say theres another ted bundy in an alternate dimension .. he kills one person .. and he slips up ( luck not in his favour) and he’s caught … he’s jailed ..etc .. he doesnt become known as a serial killer or someone possessing different psychological levelss… but a human being who screwed up … but the thing is .. there will always be someone who has more kills in a game than other people

    …even mudvane made a cool song bout him!

    • I always found the psychology of disturbed people fascinating. It doesn’t always make the best dinner conversation, although journeying into your own psyche is often more rewarding than a few bits of small talk anyhow. Thanks for you comment 😉

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