Candle Experiment (with Photoshop)

I was going through some of my photos I took a while ago, and though I’d share some of them. These are pictures that I took during a power cut. I got bored very quickly, and thought I’d turn it into a creative event. So being as inventive as I could I took some pictures. There’s something about that glow that the candle gives off, which I really liked. At that stage I’d recently bought a new skull ring which I used in the photos. The pictures have all been edited. I couldn’t live with myself if I sent them into my blog as raw images. So I’ll give a gallery here, of what my experience came to. These are also viewable on my photo account on dA (deviant ART).


Here’s what you can paste into your browser should you wish to surf:



I normally give some comments with the pictures, this time I’ll just give their titles, and you can figure out the rest.



know what it means






Skull Candle I







Skull Candle II




This final one was of the first batch that I went through and edited. It also is the most accurate in reflecting the candle ‘glow’. The rest are adjusted. All the above where just roughly tweaked. You could say I took more care on the one below. I’ve also become a fan of cropping images, since it creates a workable visual space for the viewer. Let’s face it…sometimes we just don’t want to have our eyes bombarded. I try and keep the flow of energy in my pictures, simple slow the eye doesn’t do too much work. Once your eye has to start concentrating on the image, it simply dismissed as crap. I’ll cut to the chase and show that next one, I could continue this subject for quite some time.




awake in the dark




I suppose that this last one is also one of my favorite shots, which is why I stuck it right at the end. I love the soft light that the candle give to the skin. This shot I just love the position of the hand, and of course my beautiful ring.






One thought on “Candle Experiment (with Photoshop)

  1. amyeg says:

    Hey interesting blog, and thanks for taking the time to look at mine. I don’t know any blogging communities, really, sorry. Interesting candle pictures though. Keep blogging!

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