Life is not a heavy thing

I thought I take the chance to expand on the point I left you hanging with in my previous post. I find we should hold life lightly. I want to make this clear I’m not confusing it not taking life seriously.


I think we should approach situations with lightness. Think about it. I’m not a fan of rigidity. So whatever ever god/being/energy that I happen to believe in, I will always joke about my own beliefs. Some people believe jokes about religion are sacrilegious. I happen to differ; I think it keeps us human.


We are beings in a system. Around us we have to juggle/manage other types of systems that are around us. We can’t approach those systems with a prejudice (or rigidity). We have to look at things with lightness. So if you encounter something emotionally traumatic, I think we should have the ability to step back and say (to ourselves) “its okay.”


Going back to the systems…Life is full of systems, but at the same time life is energy. What I’m saying is those systems that we juggle are energy themselves. They are their own force, so for us to put a strain on it, will just cause the energy to react. Its an interesting concept, I find. Many things were cleared up for me when, I started thinking of Life as energy. So there are forces that are actually controlling themselves.


We are simple left to choose, and juggle the difference.





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