Concentration Camps: Real Facts

Two of my most popular posts are titled ‘Crucify’ and ‘Concentration Camps’. They tend to rip off rather than offer sympathy to the situation. I do have a dark sense of humor…so that is most probably part of the problem. I think that History tends to ‘forget itself’. For example if you think of events in this century, like the Holocaust they still feel close to us, and our emotions are close to it. Although if you start turning the clock further back to events like the Spanish Inquisition, or the Crusades…your heart isn’t in the same place.


Here’s a reminder of what some of us might’ve forgotten. I’ve added some photos, looking back at an era so far away, its kind of difficult to put yourself there, although its still there.




I’ll start off with a happy moment. These are survivors of one of the Concentration Camps. Note the people in striped clothes are the prisoners. It’s lovely to see a smile on their faces. I assume the Officer walking with them is either American or British, since they were the Nations who put an end to the war.



Women trying to cook for themselves.





Here’s some children at Concentration Camps. I noticed their faces had a heaviness to them.



(Right): German civilians were forced to carry away the shriveled bodies of the camp’s victims.

(Left):    Dead and dying lay all over the ground as the 418th entered the camp.




These are orphans at one of the death camps.




These are German troops marching through the streets.



I’ve been highly criticized for the comic I posted under this subject. You could say that this is a message to say I do have a heart, and I do see the horror, although I don’t believe you can hold onto life to seriously cos if you do, something’s gonna blow. I won’t deny the horror of WWII, I’ll say that much. In the end its all opinion.




18 thoughts on “Concentration Camps: Real Facts

  1. Annie guerrero says:

    i am so sad of what happened I would rather have myself die seeing those people die makes me feel so guilty in my life it even makes me cry hard everday when I pray to GOD I am going to tell him to tell them how sorry Iam

  2. Holocaust says:

    i dont realy care.. what israel is doing is worse than what happened to them at the holocaust,… they are just wild-beasts :@

  3. saddie scott says:

    I think if we were to torture them that would make us just as bad. Some of those people didn’t know any better. I think that they should get punished but not by torture. maybe banishment onto a island with nothing but food and water and a change of close.or put them in jail and serve a life’s term.

  4. Klaire says:

    How could you not care?! This was KILLING, innocent killing. I’ve read every holocaust bok ut there…you have N0 idea.

  5. SUJON KUMAR ROY says:


  6. this is really sad i feel very bad for ppl that had to go through some horrible things i really do feel really sad for those ppl that had to get their life basically ruined!!!! i got alot of love for you !!

  7. Brandi Lucas says:

    I think that was so wrong what they did. Everything is for a reason but i don’t think this was meant to happen. I think people should care what if it was YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Jessica says:

    The most horrific thing that ever happend in history. Everyday you should wake up and think yourselves lucky that you are not in that situation , them poor poor people. The world is a lovely place , its man that spoils all.

  9. Kourtnie says:

    i just really cant understand how you could do something like that to inocent people…a few of my reletives were survivors of this tragic point in history.

  10. Chelsea says:

    In this world humans can be the most terrifying creature that has ever stepped foot on this earth. If Hitler ever went through the same things as these men, women, and children had I bet he would have thought twice on taking his hatred on these innocent people.

  11. Ana:) says:

    That is a really horrible tragic event. Them ppl are innocent they dont need to be tortured. God’s creation isnt meant to be ruined by 1 evil man. How culd the nazis kill all these inncoent ppl dont they hav a heart atleast. I mean at least there shuldve been someone there to help these ppl or at least punish Hitler for wat hes done. Im only 13 im doin a book project about anne frank.

  12. Casen says:

    Most saden thng I have heard of and i am 14 it kills me to learn this at school and there still is concentrations camps death camps ansd genocide all over more so in Africa because you live somewhere else and you are diffeerent skin tones or different ansters I think we should get a head start on this i mean they need our help and it could help in getting a right of passage in africa to get to Asian countries it could really America

  13. Ben says:

    Seriously a sad,horrible,scary,etc,etc but if we did that to hitler he would understand what he did but thhink about it we would turn into him by killing one person.i am not against that but that is just turning us into him.

  14. amber says:

    Who would want to be so cruel to kill all those things. They are just are inisent people and they got killed for no reason. They were just inisent jews who did nothing to hitler and he decided to kill almost all of them. Thank goodness not all of them did die. I just cant belive one man caused it all too, And that so many people were following and involved in it. They are all cruel its just that most of the blame went on hitler because he in couraged all of them to follow him. But tit is still all of the peoples falt to because they were the ones who did all of the killings. It started with one cruel man and then all these cruel people to follow him. They did something that god didnt make them for. God didnt make people to just kill people he made them to love each other and care for them.I strongly disagreed with hitler and his followers. Just becuse they have different skin color doesnt mean they needed to be so cruel so that is all i have to say the whole thing wasnt about hating people it was about being orasis!!!!!!!!!!!! CRUEL PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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