Tips for the workplace

I’ve been slack this month with blogging, so I just thought I’d quickly throw around some ideas.


  1. Don’t ever complain that all there is to drink is coffee
  2. Don’t complain about your Boss’ bald head (even when he’s not around…he’ll hear you.)
  3. You’re not supposed to tell too many jokes, cos then people assume you’re slacking off.
  4. Always look busy and intelligent, that way people won’t throw extra tasks on you.
  5. Turn off your screensaver, and leave ‘work in progress’ on your screen. This helps with point 4.
  6. Be nice to the secretaries, they control everything, even the Boss.
  7. Keep a pen in your pocket, so you’re resourceful when the delivery boy comes, and can’t find that pen he knows should be on him.
  8. Customer is not always right (Although let him think he is.)
  9. Keep a spare copy of Tetris on your computer to help you look busy.
  10. Polish your face more than your shoes; it’s what people look at the most.





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