Against all the odds

Phew! I’ve just arrived back from a very tiresome LAN. It was tons of fun I’ll say that much, it started on Friday, and went through to late afternoon Sunday. I bailed out a bit earlier on Saturday evening; I thought giving me a day to recover would help. Well now I have the lovely job of sorting through all the stuff I got there. 😀 I’ll Say more about this later on when I have photographic proof.

Today I’ll briefly share something I got at the LAN. You should see it below:

This made me laugh my ass off, seriously it’s funny! I’m always one for parody, and this one just seemed to hit my buttons. It got me thinking about Heroism. I know (thinking back to the movie 300) that it creates a warm feeling inside, when you know that good is going to win, despite the odds. But I’ve got to be a cynic. Isn’t Heroism just Glorified Stupidity? I mean if I saw a whole army coming into where I lived, and about to rape our women and children, murder a few, make slaves of us…you know the deal. I wouldn’t say something like “Sure, go for it.” I’d probably scream, and say something like “We’re all going to die! AAAAHHHH, lets get the fuck OUTTA HERE!”

I don’t mind standing up for my own ideals, but to know that you’re not going to win. I’m sure some heroes go into a situation thinking “yeah there’s a bit of a chance I’ll come through…I’ll do it.” That I don’t mind…if someone else does it obviously. Then you’ll get a blundering Leonidas who’ll stand up to save what is precious to him (at all costs). I admire him, I mean heck, someone’s gotta do it.

Look I’m glad we’ve heroes and legends to look up to, I’m also glad there’s plenty jobs to go around to Nationalists. (The I’m-standing-up-for-my-principles people.)

Later fellow Spartans…



One thought on “Against all the odds

  1. Yoda, the Jewish Merchant (nah just kidding, its Stein) says:

    Interesting points… but heres a thought: Maybe the Spartans honestly thought they were going to win? I mean, here we have a culture where EVERYTHING, every single facet of their civilization, was geared towards the art of war, where children were taught to kill each other in brutal combat and to die outside of battle was to shame your entire family. A warrior race that I dont think anyone living in todays soft and shallow world can even comprehend. Furthermore, a people that had never before known defeat. Not only was a retreat unthinkable, I dont think they even saw it as necessary.

    Just a thought

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