Medicine…natural or clinical?

I’ve been hanging around in the blues. My wisdom teeth are giving me hassles, they got infected, this drained into my jaw, and wham I’ve been sick at home. It’s not much fun being sick at home. When you think about being sick at home, you think about doing cool things. Lying in bed stuffing your face with chocolate. Firstly you can’t lie in bed, cos it has to be made, the Doctor tells you that you can’t have chocolate, so it becomes kind of depressing. The worst bit is when people see you around so much they start to forget that you’re sick, and load all the household chores back on you.


I’ll move now onto the pains of the Doctor. I’ve got a bit of a battle on my head about whether homeopathy or traditional anti-biotics (knock ’em down and nail ’em medicine) is the right one. To be honest I’ve actually made up my mind, I prefer the homeopathy route, letting my body fight for itself, and then accept the clinical route, when it comes to serious things (like wisdom teeth being extracted from your jaw). I just find it irritating when you go with a problem to a doctor and they throw a bottle of pills at you.


I want a sympathy hug, and a ‘I know how you feel’ gesture. I don’t get that from me Homeopath, but maybe I just have a strong reaction to the medical guys. I think people also aren’t willing to believe in the homeopathy because they like the idea of being able to nuke things with scheduled drugs, or even normal aspirins. Homeopathic medicine can be just as strong it just takes a belief in your body.


Don’t get me wrong the natural medicine can be potent, just not always as fast-acting. So my advice would be don’t do drugs…do twigs, leaves, smelly oils!




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