Imperfect Easter Eggs

Easter gives me a small burst of excitement, just like any kid, although theirs is probably a big burst. Moving on…I get really annoyed with Easter eggs. Don’t get me wrong I love the chocolate. I slowly unwrap it, then stick my thumb in the middle of it, and eat away the shards. You also get different shapes and sizes. You can even mutilate a rabbit, by biting its ears off and work your way to its feet.


There’s only one problem to all this…THE SEAM!


There’s that slight seam staring at you, embedded on the egg. Greedy little kids get so amped over the chocolate I don’t think that they notice. I do it’s the one flaw that gets to me. I know its supposed to be a time when a lot people talk about nailing things, but the eggs are far more crucial.




By the way don’t be fooled by this egg, photography messes with your perception.



It says to me that I’m a product of commercialization, and mass production. I want to be different dammit! You can’t even try fool me with those white ones with the brown inside, because I’ll still have the seam staring at me. If you look at a normal hen’s eggs, there wasn’t an organ in its stomach gluing two halves together, and rapidly pushing them out.


I’m sure they can invent a perfect egg. If man can come up with the wheel, why not develop that idea into a 3D concept?



I’ll still enjoy the chocolate; it’s just something I’d like some scientist to solve.


Anyway, enough ranting…





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