Men and their Communication Skills

Yes, this is a hot topic that normally turns very sexist very quickly. I’ll try stay as sane as possible 😛


Men relate differently to women. I feel like a bit of an idiot at the moment, because I was going to go to a gaming fest (known as a LAN to most geeks). It’s a very weird thing where (mostly guys) sit behind their computers and shoot the shit out of each other, not to mention trading movies, music, porn, applications and so on.




Women might see men as awkward when it comes to conversation, since (generally speaking to the not so sensitive guys) we need an exterior activity to get us warmed up. If I meet another guy, and go play pool with him every Thursday…we’ll feel like soul mates after a while. We might not even talk about our families and worries and concerns, but men make this weird connection through a game. It almost feels like the other person is respecting you through being with you, and challenging you.


We always like to fight, to challenge someone. We want to feel like the top dog in some way. I’m not saying that we’re obsessed with achieving but due to genetics (going back the cave when we were hairy bastards) we like to test our strength whether it’s physical or not.


I think that men have a natural independency. A man will push himself harder than a woman would, and sometimes suffer and die alone. Women are community-based. They won’t make decisions based on their own feelings, but on the feelings of the group they’re apart of. If you look at teenage girls and their cliques, it’s a perfect example. A girl will only date a guy that the others deem acceptable, and if she doesn’t the amount of shame she’ll endure from her peers will be more than uncomfortable. If she steps outside of their choices she’s challenging them, and in turn putting them on the defensive, which means isolating herself from them.


Luckily among adults it’s not as blatant as teenagers, but it still lingers there. Look there are obviously exceptions, but jokes like “woman are like kidneys, they always need to go to the bathroom in pairs” are there because something is sticking out.


So yes I’ll admit our communication skills seriously suck, we’d prefer to bash someone and speak in clicks and grunts. Although I seem to have developed a certain amount of sophistication, and can sit down and talk to someone with out having to wave around a pool queue.


Having a blog is clearly an indication that I have the gift of the gab…




One thought on “Men and their Communication Skills

  1. “A girl will only date a guy that the others deem acceptable, and if she doesn’t the amount of shame she’ll endure from her peers will be more than uncomfortable.”

    Which is why I don’t have a girlfriend (Or should I say, a girl doesn’t have me) 😦

    – Reelix

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