Reign Over Me

Another movie review…this is becoming a habit. I like to explore the themes in the movies. On one level it means what the storyline tells you, but most of the time I like to listen to the unheard voice…if that makes sense. I like to look for the subtleties, and generally (considering it’s a good film) mull over it for a day or two. I just enjoy art in general, whether it happens to be a book, film, painting, recital…etc.


Anyway enough of my drivel, on to the movie!



Brief Synopsis


This is a story about a successful dentist (Alan – Don Cheadle) who meets up with an old room mate (Charlie Fineman – Adam Sandler). Alan seems to be in a good state financially and stumbles across his old College roommate almost by accident. Charlie is in a huge mess.


Charlie had a great family, and was successful, but after losing his whole family in a plane crash of 9/11 he is a broken man. Alan finds him in this state. He lives by himself, is highly introverted, and has cut himself off from everyone he knew. He just spends time in his apartment, playing video games and remodeling his kitchen.





There’s clearly a lot of stuff there, because as the friendship develops Charlie has outbursts when Alan inquires about Charlie’s family. Charlie slowly starts to journey into himself in the film, and Alan grows through the experience learning to become more confident.


To sum up this is a film about a young man’s struggle through a psychologically (and emotionally) dark time in his life. Towards the end there’s a glimmer of hope, and some meaning in the healing process. The performances of Don Cheadle and Adam Sandler are phenomenal. I was especially impressed with Sandler’s performance in a serious role for a change. Normally he leans towards slapstick comedy, whereas in this film I was left speechless in seeing his acting ability come out.



Being Stuck


This film rang a few bells for me. I haven’t been down the same road as Charlie did, but I do know what its like to struggle with yourself, to fight your inner demons. I can I dentify with Charlie to an extent. I found this a very meaningful film, despite the criticism this one has faced. Maybe a bit of life experience makes a difference…


Charlie was stuck in his life. He was staying the same. Too traumatized to come out of his shell, he continued to live everyday in a shatter state. When his old friend came along by chance, his saw a sense of confidence that he wish he’d had, which I think is part of the reason he pursued the relationship. This movie made me cry in places, since it moved me so much to see the pain of these people.


I found it very powerful, but at the end of the day its all opinion…




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