The Need for Diversity

Today was very boring at work. Part of my job involves looking at broken musical instruments. It’s very depressing, but hey it’s a job so I’m not complaining too much. I look at guitars, trumpets, keyboards, drums and a list that keeps going on. Today it happened to be amplifiers at work.


I did begin to enjoy myself now and again, when I got over-confident with a microphone in my hands, but it was just a generally menial task for me. My job went something like this:

  1. Move about 20 crates of amplifiers (about 20 kg’s each) to the testing area.
  2. Unpack an amplifier
  3. Test it with the microphone in each channel
  4. Packet it away again
  5. Place a green sticker on it, if it happens to work.
  6. If it doesn’t work, put it to one side.
  7. Repeat from number 2.


That was pretty much the form that my work took. Yes, it did bore me horribly but work’s work. Usually my day has a bit of variety to it, although this time it was pretty plain.


Now the point of this blog isn’t only to bitch and moan about my day, although it does feel good to do that I must admit. I want to discuss diversity. I think we need lots of stimulation. I also find that intelligent people need it more than other people.


I’m not talking about a short attention span either, but I think we need to do more things and things that make us think. My job doesn’t involve much thinking at this stage (reason being it’s a bottom-end job). So I’m a very creative person so I have to find things to do – apart from work – that keep me going. I often take so time at work to blog a bit or do more writing, whether it be more poetry or prose.


Speaking of which I did more today, I’ll include them in the following posts. Let’s just say that they were good distractions, I’m particularly proud of ‘Distant’.


I’ll rant more later 😀




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