Dreaming Dreams

Dreams are probably the most unexplained and weird alternate reality we can experience. It can be only explained to a certain degree, that it is your unconscious and your interpretation of things. They are still very real to us.


Psychologists also use dreams to explore people. Dreams tell us want we sometimes don’t want to hear. It’s like we are guarded during the day, then as soon as we hit that pillow, the brain opens up like a flower. A friend of mine doesn’t go out often to watch movies. Her argument in “what’s the point when you can close your eyes and dream for free!”


Having dreams, or dreaming at least also means you’ll face a couple of nightmare. You might avoid the scary stuff, but don’t think the unconscious will let you get away with that. You’ll get a nightmare when you’re least expecting it sometimes, and the problem is its so real its hard to forget.


Just something to think about, dreams fascinate me anyway…




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