The Brave One

Woohoo…another Jodie Foster movie. I’m a fan of hers, so generally I find her acting good, and malleable. Although, like any actor, has had criticism. I’ll spare that sort of detail for now, and switch to the storyline.



Brief Synopsis


Erica Bane (Jodie Foster) is in love, and is about to be married. She also holds down a job as a DJ for a local Radio station, she’s a narrator that tells a certain saga. To give a brief idea, her lover/soon-to-be husband is killed by a mob. She is wounded in the fight (physically), not to mention the psychological/emotion pain of losing a loved one. She admits that the incident changed her. She reckons you can’t go back and be the same person.


So she decides she needs to finish this off. She takes revenge along with the law into her hands. It’s a very simple idea, something that’s almost a cliché plot in films. Although, this one is phenomenal. The storyline is extremely convincing. Seeing Erica go through so much, the viewer is emotionally attached to her. She may be killing, but it’s the so-called scum of society. It feels justified. I never thought that I’d be rooting for a killer, but nevertheless I am.








This is clearly the theme of the movie. It is generally considered emotionally immature, and morally wrong to ‘get back’ at those who have hurt you. I don’t think its legitimate to vent your pain, on your oppressor. Look if I had to go through a revenge experience, it might be different. If you happen to be fucked up by life, you don’t grab the closest gun and shoot the shit out of it. That would be acting on your instincts, which are flawed, despite the vague sense of logic behind them.


In the film you’re also left wondering which happens to be the greater evil. The options would be letting the hardened criminals run loose and commit more crimes, or putting an end to the lives of the murderers. I think it’s a hard one. It may not be ethical, but is it morally justifiable?


I’m really in two minds about the movie. On one hand I think people should take the law into their own hands, but that really isn’t a good idea, since you’re just gonna cause chaos in the long run. Despite how attached I felt to the character of Erica, I still believe she was wrong. You don’t cope with a situation, so your job is to pull yourself out of the mess. Yes, it might be hard.


And the Law? Yes, I’m pretty confident that there’s plenty of loop holes in the system. What I mean to say is stick to the rules (in this case) not because it’s the right thing to do, but simply because it’s an immature reponse to act on your urges.



Just a thought, feel free to disagree…




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