Nightmares and Dreamscapes

I’m busy reading this book, by Stephen King. I’d say it’s surprisingly good. He hits more than he misses. Even when he not his best he’s still very good. This kind of inspired the story I posted earlier titled The Ghost with No Face. I enjoy he horror/thrillers because he focuses on a tidy storyline, and not blood and guts. He does throw in some blood, when it is needed.


I personally like gore, but being a writer, I wouldn’t sacrifice it for an enticing storyline. I’ve found as a writer, that if you can have good characters, a good plot will follow. Some writers plan out their stories, but I think characters themselves create the story. King really believes in his characters, in his writing you get the feeling that he understands them with a profound clarity.





Since its short stories, I can still give some opinion. I’d give it 7 or 8 out of 10. It’s hard to judge a compilation. The reason being, if you’re reading a really gripping story, you’ll be biased and give the book a high rating. In and same sense if you’re reading a mediocre story, then you’ll be reluctant to say anything good about the book.


With Stephen King, I don’t have many complaints luckily; will give more feedback, when I’ve finished the book. So far, it has very gripping and excellent short stories.




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