My war with short stories

By now if you’ve read bits of my blog you’ll see that I’m a poet. I write and read a lot of poetry. I’ve been doing that ever since I was ten years old, when I got weaned on W.B. Yeats. Although I really battle with stories, I just can’t finish them. I’ve got no problem with finding good characters, and a good plot, but I seem to be too nervous to carry out the final blow and end it.


A large part of it has to do with time. I’ve always preferred poetry, because you can sit down, and jot down something. A Story requires four or five times the amount of time, because, you’re using more words (duh, pretty obvious) and you’re taking more into account. There are more variables. I find that since I started off writing poetry, writing prose is easier since you don’t battle to come up with images, and sentences flow pretty easily from you.


Well, I’ve finally plucked up the courage to write AND finish a short story, there might’ve been one or two complete ones lurking in the past, but this one I’m proud of. I’ll confess it’s also a bit of an experiment. It’s a horror/thriller which is totally out of my genre, but its always good to experiment with new stuff. I’ve been reading some Stephen King at the moment which is an influence, be me being a horror junkie decided to put more violence into it.


The over all result is pleasing to me. I found it gripping exciting, and wonderfully dark towards the end. Again this is also a draft so I’ll probably change my mind about it sometime in the future. I like things to ferment before I actually put them apart, and this one is fresh from the Muse.


It should follow this post so enjoy! I’ll add my red warning sticker for sensitive viewers. I find it a necessary thing to do, since not every enjoys violence and/or wants to see it.




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