This is a really great movie to see its, face-paced, exciting, has beautiful women in it (I’m a guy sue me) and is about future travel. Well, at least looking into the future. I know I might be blogging about old movies some of the time, but anyhow…I’m still going to rant on about something that I enjoyed recently.


Brief Synopsis


A magician is caught ‘assaulting’ a man, and is tracked down (by the FBI, I think) to stop a nuclear bomb from exploding. This is Frank Cadillac being his stage name, and Chris being his real name (played by Nicolas Cage). Why they want this guy is because he can see exactly two minutes into his own future. He can’t predict things, but he can see things (that happen around him) before they happen.


He meets a beautiful women, who ‘changes’ him, as well as creating a new aspect to the storyline. So this movie is about people on the run. Gifted people who can see sudden events around them, and are basically dodging nasty events as they come.



Future Sight


Well, it some like a bit of a mountain out of a mole hill. A guy sees the future. Big Deal. Well I found it interesting because the future has no constant pattern. Cage remarks at the end of the movie, that whenever you look at the future it changes. So he in a sense was saying that his ability was still unpredictable to a degree. Most people can’t see the future, even psychics, will give you rough outlines and never specific events.


So we see the future as a surprise, that’s about to leap on us. We make choices, but the way things will turn out (e.g. a woman being pregnant with a boy or a girl) is unexpected. I think that we control the future. We influence the future, not aware some of the time, of what we’re doing.


Why would I think that? Well, I believe in energy. There’s energy around us that’s constantly in flux. We create our own future. Generally we’re not all psychic and able to see auras, and things like that. Although I feel we are constantly disrupting/changing energy around ourselves. A bad day at work might mean you’ll shit on the petrol attendant, for example. This will cause the victim to clearly be upset and angry, but you’re also changing his future. You don’t know how his day has been, what he does after work. There’s energy around him too, that’ll be affected by your words.


In other words, running into other people means that we are influencing them, we change their storyline. The guy I shat on might go home, and be angry with his wife more than usual. (I wouldn’t have been the reason for this, but no doubt a contributing factor to his unrest.) He might beat her up, to satisfy himself, and get out his frustration (building up the previous few days).


The point I’m making?


We influence our future. I can’t use control since the term to too simplistic. I might be sounding like Antony Robbins, but I find it fascinating, that the future can be predicted, but it is never constant. Things might seem like a coincidence. They are not, there’s been a change of unseen events behind it all. They’ve been waiting for us (the events, of course) to blindly stumble across onto them.



Hope I have scramble up some thinking with this!




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