Little Fish

Since my brother had been working in a video shop, I thought I’d start reviewing some of the stuff that I watch, so it all doesn’t go to waste. I a fan of art-house movies. In other words ones that aren’t in the main stream, well little Fish is one of them.



Basic Storyline


This is an Australian-based film, exploring the drug culture there as well as people’s lives trying to cope with the stress. A woman (Cate Blanchett) is trapped between many relationships, that aren’t working. She has a boyfriend who is a heroine addict. She also has a possessive mother (partly because she daughter was a junkie). The plot center’s around her. At the same time while trying to live with her husband, doing deals. She is the manager of a video shop. She tries to get a loan approved for it, but fails. She needs the money for the expansion of her business. Meanwhile some old junkie friends come back, and visit her. one falling in love with her. In the background of this there is tension between the junkies.




Well, I myself haven’t watched much Australian art-house cinema, but this film was excellent. The storyline was slow moving, although I think that would have most probably been for symbolic reasons. The characters (and storyline) was riddled with emotional intensity, and not to forget and underlying depression. The reason being, you are seeing peoples lives falling apart and viewing the scramble back to clarity.



This reminds me of another Aussie film called Candy, also based on the drug culture. This one however circled around a couple, struggling in utter poverty. If I were to choose I’d probably choose Little Fish, although I still think Candy was astonishingly bleak, and accurate.


It always feel good to say that a film was gripping, the reality is this one wasn’t. I suppose you lost yourself in the lives of the characters, not the storyline itself. The storyline jumped around a bit, which kept it interesting. The Cinematography was amazingly unusual, and capture’s distinct things a druggie would see, but then pans out into the rest of the chaos.


8/10 for me. Not quite my favorite, so I wouldn’t push it to a nine.







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