Kurosaki Ichigo – Photoshop-ing with Anime

Like I’ve said previously that I’ve started a Photoshop journey. These pictures are recent ones that I’ve added on to my deviantArt account. If anyone happens to be interested in that…




Nevertheless I’ll still reveal what I managed to come up with. The following pictures, are from the anime episodes of Bleach (the character being Kurosaki). The one after that is from Chrno Crusade, also one of my favorite anime to watch. The final one is one of Inoue, also based on a still.


I loved the ‘metal effect’ I created on Ichigo’s face I thought worked well, an indication of his mind coming apart. This was based on stills from the anime. The shocked expressions of Ichigo I think was from a scene when he got wounded. Whatever it was the lighting around his face was great to play around with. The second, Ichigo picture I did I included the characters Rukia, and Inoue (Left to Right).


Personally I prefer the second one since there’s just more in it. The first Ichigo, still has merit, so I didn’t discard it completely.









Now for the Chrno Crusade one. Not as impressive in my opinion.





My Last pic for this post. Also from Bleach, a picture of Inoue, just with my own background, I messed around with. Just for interest’s sake, I turned down the contrast, since I find the hair more attractive, and redder. Also the skin stood out more. The blue eyes that she’s known for, vanished slightly, but nonetheless I’m happy with the end result. These kinda images, encourage me to explore photoshop more. I’m know expert, but the satisfaction you see, when you’re stuff starts to take shape is worth it!







That’s about it, in terms of photography. Maybe more next time, and some anime!





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