Racism… Justifiable?

In my opinion that’s a rhetorical question. I don’t think that there is a place for racism. I saw an incident yesterday between a black guy and an Indian, which made me think a bit more about this. I think every race has its foibles, and we often (being the other kind) see those not always as a good thing. Being racist is easy, I think. Anyone can throw out an insult, and ‘get it off their chest’. What is tough, is not accepting that, and making an effort to treat people fairly. The reason being is you’re challenging yourself, as well as others around you.

Everyone has their differences. I think that races all come from a different cultural framework, and a set of values, which often will clash with someone else’s. Take the Indian people for example. They’re very driven. They work hard, dress very fashionably and get boyfriends/girlfriends fast. Part of that means that they believe that the only way you’re going to achieve, is by putting in the extra effort. They are also phenomenally good networkers. It’s a natural skill that they have, being part of a close circle of friends, and negotiating with them.

Part of that philosophy is, get married and work hard so you don’t land up as a beggar, and struggle through life. That’s very healthy, but I also find them (generally speaking) quite materialistic. Fashion for example is a big thing. Knowing who wears what, and having a good looking outfit on, is a big Noddy bag.

Now take the black culture as a comparison. Their key focus is community and relationships. They may not appear driven and hard workers because they believe on getting to work cheerfully. They are go-getters, and seem to look out for others, because relationships are what we’re left with at the end of the day. Indians may network to get what they need, but the black people seem to create family. You can put a few strangers in a room, and they connect in a way like they ‘know’ the others. It’s just their approach, and it’s certainly an interesting thing to consider.

So no, don’t think racism is worth the effort at all. I’ve always believe in being big (morally). That sometimes means doing things the hard way around, like telling your self to hold your temper when it’s about to flick out.


Just a thought.




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