The Others

I seem to be lucky since I have a brother who works in a video shop. So I can get out free DVD’s! It’s a great luxury, I seem to watch a movie most night, and since it can be a movie of choice I’m not disappointed too often.

Well, to make a long story short I watched The Others last night. Yep it’s that freaky movie with Nicole Kidman, living in a big empty mansion, that’s haunted. It’s not quite like a possession movie, where kiddies get black eyes, pale skin and speak in a man’s voice. Its lighter than that. I found the story line to be tight, and event’s gripping. There’s also a great twist in the tale at the end.

The Basic Storyline

During the Second World War, a woman is living in a house by herself (with her two children). These children have to live in the dark, because she claims that they are photosensitive, and have a disease that erupts when they are exposed to light. The house is approached by three servants who offer to work there. They are a Nanny, Maid, and Gardener. At the beginning the story is a little uncertain, which adds to the effect and drew me in. All you know is that the little girl sees and speaks to ghosts. The mother with her devout faith fervently denies this, telling the children not to speak of it. A large part of this film is shot in candle light, because of the condition of the children. The mother insists to the maids that the children are only exposed to the light of the candle.

Initially you’re wondering where the ghosts come from, and who they are. As the storyline progresses more is uncovered about the ghosts. Although due to the massive twist at the end, you’re left in a bit of uncertainty at the end. I prefer it that way since its making me think, rather than laying it all out.

My Opinion (for what it’s worth)

I found it to be a brilliant thriller. It’s eerie, and fast paced. Nicole Kidman carries off a brilliant performance. I would probably give it a 8 or 9 of out 10. I’m not sure if I’d watch it again, but first off it leaves you sweating in your seat. I don’t watch many thrillers, but this one was a great alternative to a horror like The Exorcist, which is good in its genre, however this offers a lighter approach to ghosts. In comparison movies like The Sixth Sense, and The Skeleton Key are along the same lines. This is worth the watch! 😉




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