Some Cool Website reviews


By Shawn Edwards

Taken from: http://digitalcontentproducer.com/mag/video_cool_websites/


A TEAM OF PIONEERING video professionals committed to empowering, educating, and enabling anyone who creates or utilizes video content have combined wit and intelligence on one of the Web’s more interesting sites. PlayTV.com supports the development of all aspects of the streaming media industry. The site offers news, products, and services.

The best feature of PlayTV.com is its news show, High-Speed TV. Want to learn more about broadband and streaming media technology? Then tune in every week to catch a new episode of High-Speed TV. The program is a sarcastic and witty technical talk show. The anchors, Kiki Stockhammer and Karl “Vance” Miller, mix highbrow technical talk and pop culture references with their whimsical delivery style. The concept is fresh and informative. The real hook is the chemistry between the hosts. Miller is to Stockhammer what Ralph Kramden was to Alice. Yes, High-Speed TV is an updated ode to the Honeymooners, except all of the dialogue revolves around broadband and streaming media technology. The hip concept works and is extremely entertaining, as well as informative.

The news program is divided into four segments. News Flash peeks into the future, introducing updates on new products that will soon be available. The Blandwidth segment satirizes hard news information. Tech Talk focuses on technical jargon with definitions of commonly used high-tech words. Finally, the hosts review websites that best utilize broadband and streaming technology on the Judgement Day segment. If you want to be in the know, then High-Speed TV is a must-see.

indyMusic.com (The poet differs on this one…I prefer metaaal —> PhilosopherPoet)
TIRED OF LISTENING TO TIRED AND STALE TUNES THAT mainstream radio and cable television cram down your throat? Then indyMusic.com may be your salvation. The website offers independently created music in various genres by a plethora of promising new artists and allows users’ to create their own discs.

This award-winning (too numerous to list) site features a futuristic design and eye-catching graphics. The content is useful and extremely easy to access. Users can search by genre or by artist. Every second of every song is available to listen to on the site. Users’ have the option of purchasing whole albums or specific songs, and The CustomDiscs are manufactured on demand.

To listen to music at this electronic music store, a Shockwave plug-in (6.01 or higher) and a Netscape or MSIE browser (4.0 or higher) are required. The site also offers review capsules written by industry insiders. indyMusic.com is also a great way for fledgling artists to showcase their work. Musicians are allowed to submit material. Check the site at indyMusic.com for details.

THE FUTURE OF ADVERTISING is online. Want a glimpse? Then check out Nike’s highly creative Whatever campaign’s site, created by the renowned ad agency Wieden & Kennedy.

The cliffhanger spots feature homerun kingpin Mark McGwire, Olympic sprinter Marion Jones, and snowboarder Rob Kingwill. Each star athlete has his or her own series of spots that allow the viewer to choose from a plethora of alternate endings, some of which are wildly bizarre. The site provides various scenarios that would never be shown on television. In one gruesome sequence, a chainsaw cuts off the arm of a man who is chasing Jones. Jones picks up the severed limb and throws it in the trash. Other oddball stunts, too edgy for television, include a giant snowball that attacks skiers and a rampaging McGwire who physically abuses passengers of a cruise ship as he chases the pitcher who hit him with the ball in a celebrity baseball game. There are plenty of other surprises that won’t be revealed in this review.

The site promotes Nike’s cross-training brand and features nifty, stylized production work. The shoe company has long been known for unleashing some of the ad world’s most innovative and imaginative commercials. Nike has set the tone for how other companies will use streaming and broadband technology to get their messages across while entertaining audiences.

VEON.COM CLAIMS IT IS THE ULTIMATE FINAL STEP IN creating rich streaming media for the Web. The San Francisco-based company confidently declares itself the premier video broadband programming and interactive services platform. VeonStudio boasts that it seamlessly integrates a wide variety of media types into a comprehensive and compelling rich media experience. This complete software package, made for Web designers and developers, allows you to create truly interactive Web programs in a fraction of the time that traditional methods might take.

You can sample Veon’s innovative strides at http://www.Veon.com. The broadband technology is demonstrated throughout the site and is quite impressive. Download Veon’s player to enjoy the experience – it’s worth the time. This allows users to enter the VeonZone, which links you to various sites that are on the cutting edge of broadband and streaming technology.

The VeonZone is a hyperactive smorgasbord of entertaining and interesting content. Once in the zone, the user can link to Fashion TV, MXG TV, Groove Aramda, Bluetorch, and other sites that showcase clever usage of streaming.




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