Photoshop… the Photography god?

I’ve been interested in photography for a while now. Last year I installed photoshop CS3 and played a bit, but mainly watched tutorials slowly learning how to get to grips with the system. For many reasons I had to format and re-install everything and in the process ‘lost’ photoshop, and forgot about it for a while.

Then I got interested in photography this year. My folks have been suggesting that I pick up a photography course at some stage, since they feel I have a knack for it. Also staying with them now, I’ve been fiddling with the digital camera, and in the process come up with some interesting results.

Yesterday was the day that I install the famous photoshop again, and I’ve begun to get a bit serious about it all. My main focus is using it to morph images. It could mean making duds better, or transforming an existing beauty…giving it a different angle artistically. I’m not pro at this stage but so far I’ve been pretty pleased with the results I’ve had.


This one was just a standard black and white pic that I tweaked up a bit. I adjusted the contrast, and added a touch of grain to blur and bring out the shadow.




Me and my lil sis, taking a walk on the beach. I titled this one ‘ghost walk’. Since we were in the foreground we seemed to be enhanced, and the sun (like most days) did its magic, and gave us the right angle. I also enjoy the poses of people, and the fact this isn’t a studio shot, gives it more meaning.



This one is different from the others, but the pattern seemed to work out very well.


At the moment this is all I’ve got time for, but there’ll be more on its way. I would also appreciate any advice, sites, magazines, blogs etc to help with photoshop.


May The Photographic Muse Be With You




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