Morbid Possibilities and the Violence Within

The Art of Dying

I’ve thought about dying. I’ve thought about stretching my arms out into a big blue expanse, and slowly sinking into a pillow of air. They say falling its one of the most calming ways to die. All you feel are the cold hands of the wind holding you in a fatal embrace. It’s rather sudden, but the feeling of freedom and a rush, must be incredible.

There are many ways to die (other than a natural death). Some of them are:

  • Burning
  • Falling (i.e. jumping off a building or bridge)
  • Drowning
  • Hanging
  • Poison
  • Shot in the head
  • Bleeding to death
  • High Impact (i.e. running into a fast moving vehicle, like a train or truck)
  • Electrocution
  • Overdose (that would be from drugs)
  • Being mauled by a wild animal
  • Dehydration
  • Freezing

That’s all that I can think of for now. There’s quite a lot to choose from here. Some of these are incredibly painful, like bleeding and burning. The thing about suicide is it can go wrong very easily. The thought of suicide doesn’t scare me, although I don’t feel it necessary to leave behind a mess for others.

——–Just a thought——–

There’s a metal band called Death, and their lead vocalist committed suicide. He blew off his head with a shotgun…and left a note simply saying “Excuse all the blood.” I laughed my head off when I first heard that. It’s so dark and twisted, but I’d probably leave something more detailed if I were to go about it that way.


If I were to do a suicide, I’d go through a process of elimination. There’re three things that come into the play 1) the room for error 2) your pain threshold 3) length of time the procedure takes. With that in mind most of the things on my list would fall away. In terms of pain, burning, bleeding, being mauled, and freezing could be crossed out immediately.

The quickest would most probably be being shot in the head. If you shoot yourself its, only the anxiety in your body before the bullet actually kills you. Although there’s a chance of you missing and causing brain damage. High impact would not be a good idea either, because if you miss, then you could turn into a paraplegic, or cause permanent damage.

It’s difficult to choose how you’d like to die. For me it’s not because it’s a frightening thought to die…but because, how do you carry out a successful death. You don’t want to be one of those rehab cases that attempt suicide a few times, and get loaded up on tranquilizers. If I were to choose it’d either be jumping off a building, or drowning. The former because it’s fast and if you find a high enough place, and room for error is small. Also hanging around waiting to die, and watching fluids seep from your body is pretty painful.

Drowning would be my second choice. The reason being is it’s a very peaceful death to have. The thought of not being able to breathe, is a bit frightening (not to mention your lungs slowly being filled up with water). There is a room for error here, but you’d just have to make sure that the weights are heavy enough to keep you down there long enough.

This all may sound fairly sick and twisted, but part of my writing is that I write what comes to mind. It’s often not sunshine and roses to say the least.

It’s Society fault?

Onto the more crucial side of things…we have a society that promotes violence. Through the media we are exposed to graphic violence and deaths. A news bulletin flashing on the TV showing a couple people dead doesn’t seem to worry us. On the more graphic side of things film is producing more violent films a) because they have the technology to that they didn’t 20 years ago, and b) because we are living in a culture that sees things more realistically. We’re living in the Information Age, a culture that wants to explore and take apart everything. We want to analyze and portray everything in the finest detail.

I wouldn’t go as far as saying that we’re obsessed, but it is clear that something is happening. Another spanner I’ll throw in the works is “Is it healthy to be exposed to it?” One’s immediate response should be an abrupt no…should it?

What if the answer is yes? I think that it is important to stay in touch with the current events. If we do edit out violence totally, will we be blunted? We are absorbing information constantly, if this happens to be violence can it harm us. In the army for example there are people that become shell-shocked, are exposed to a huge amount of violence. They are also contributing to it, but this example (extreme as it is) is an indication that exposure to death and violence can harm us.

Violence fascinates certain people. Films like the Saw movies, see human torture as a creative form of expression. The torturer thinks up new contraptions and ways to kill his victims.

Adrenaline plays a part in this. We enjoy the rush, people enjoy horror/thrillers, because we ‘hang on the edge of our seats’ and get addicted to the trip-out. So we follow the rush, and in the process are expose to gratuitous violence.

I’m a fan of horror films, so I won’t say that violence is wrong, but I do think it’s an interesting thing to consider.



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