Today my half sister got bought a PowerPuff girl juice bottle. Yay superpowers for the win! It got me thinking back to my childhood days, When Batman and Spiderman were the heroes of my life. Batman mainly, but still there’s nothing like thinking about shooting gooey fluid out of your palms, or saving Gotham city in a batmobile.

I’ve always loved the fantasy world, and imagining a place far from my own. Somewhere that I can be big and powerful, and not let anyone walk over me. Superpowers are cool, but nowadays if you want them you gotta to be into some weirdo cult, or become a Buddhist monk for about 30 years of your life. After all that though, all you end up doing is levitating objects or becoming a psychic. Nothing really cool just stupid things no one else can do. Things that’ll keep the media at your door step for two days, and then they’ll give up and all fly over to some bombing in Iraq.

Call me a little kid, but Superpowers Rule! If I had one it’d be something like that X-men guy who shoots lasers out of his eyes. Or the ability to manipulate fire. Everyone seems to choose the ability to fly, but we can do already with some machines and wings so I don’t see the big deal.


Superpowers FTW!!! ๐Ÿ˜€




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