The Art of Throwing-Your-Head-Around-Lots

I am metalhead, and I can’t tell you there’s nothing more satisfying, than getting together with other angry people and letting loose. I can’t say I’m an expert on the topic, the reason being is that there’s no specific way to head-bang. Last night I was at a metal club, and I just let myself loose in the mosh pit. It’s a weird combination of adrenaline, angry music, and the loud thundering rhythm in your ears. It’s not everyone style, but man I enjoy it now and again.

The Problem

There’s only one problem with it, you can’t drink a lot and still throw your head up and down in a controlled fashion. It doesn’t work. I remembered getting smashed one night and trying to mosh at the same time, it didn’t work to say the least. I cringe when I think about it now, enjoying the song…but feeling the floor more than I felt the rhythm.

The Three Bands

Anyways last night was good. There were three bands…the first two opened for Karnage, the final act. I really enjoy that, they’re a seriously experienced band compared to the first two. Although a friend of mine was in the first band Undoing Judas, so (without sounding biased) they were seriously good. The second band I don’t think it’s worth mentioning the name since they were so terrible. Their vocalist was shit, he couldn’t roar properly, and the bass player wasn’t great either.



All I wish was that the mosh pit (as in throw others around with you) had lasted longer.





—> the photos aren’t in relation to the bands mentioned.


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