The Age of Options

We are living in an age of evolution. This means that some things are getting better (while others are getting worse)…and we are forced to deal with the consequences. If you’re a staunch Christian you might say we’re living in the end times…but I think it’s far more positive and exciting.

All this Armageddon stuff scares the shit out of me…naturally. The reason being I don’t like looking at the world on the brink of destruction, because I’m indirectly questioning my own existence (and watching it diminish.) I also feel that such a pessimistic view isn’t necessary. Let me give some examples before I continue to confuse you totally…


An Inconvenient Perspective

Al Gore is telling us that climate change is going to make the world a very hard place to live in. In his film/documentary An Inconvenient Truth he said that because of global warming and all the rest, ultimately the warm places will get very hot…and the cold places will become warmer than they already are. I myself struggled to watch it, since when you’re seeing your possible future living conditions becoming unbearable…its not much fun. Anyway…the one thing Al Gore was trying to get through to us was…if we don’t step up and start making an effort to clean up the world around us, its gonna bite back hard.

So yes in terms of evolution, some things don’t evolve at all, and that’s hard to face. Evolution has a lot to do with the survival of the fittest…the small, deformed, slow, stupid creatures die. The smart ones, survive, reproduce, and give or take a couple million years evolve and cope, proving that they are tougher than the suckers that died out.


Stupid Humans

Now us humans come along and disrupt the balance of evolution. What a pity, some critics say that the main thing damaging the earth and causing problems are us, the Homo sapiens fucking everything up. Putting the environment aside for a second, there’s another crucial way we break the boundaries of evolution.

We keep people alive. We do the unthinkable by healing the curing and sick and helpless. For a second I might be sounding cold and heartless…but just think about it for a second. Is our humanity blunting our evolution? It is clear that we are evolving. First of all we are changing our language. The English we spoke in the last hundred years is very different. Also physically we are looking after ourselves more than ever, with health care, and vaccines we are staying alive for longer. We are also growing taller than previous generations. Besides all that, we are still bound by our humanity at the end of the day. It might sound like an excellent idea to wipe out all the sick and disabled and ‘start afresh’ … but no one in their right minds would do that. It’s simply unethical and bringing down our reputation, and ignoring our moral obligations.


Unlike animals we have three terrible things, which harm and help us. These three things cause the greatest problems, as well give us our greatest skills.


They are:

  1. Morals/Ethics. We are ‘bound’ by our humanity and ability to naturally heal the helpless (this might mean defying the laws of nature).
  2. Ability/Capacity for growth (i.e. learning, creativity, etc). We are born into this world as blank slates.
  3. Our own will. We have choices and options. Life is constant decision making. This places a large impact on the former concepts.


The first thing I’ll say is that the third point is not the same as our conscience. We make the choices we make, and sometimes it is based on what our conscience and/or rationality is telling us. I could discuss this shit forever…so I’ll get back to the evolution part of things.



Technology is Crazy

A good example of the success of our evolution is technology. This ranges from the light switch in your kitchen…to the super computers at NASA. We are living in an Information Age (i.e. an Age of Change). We live off information, because knowing more about the world brings us more comfort and security, than limiting our knowledge.

The bottom line…computers are storing more stuff, gadgets are growing, and there’s always a lot we don’t know. Technology has reached the level where people are talking about Artificial Intelligence (i.e. computers thinking for themselves and becoming a ‘human like’).

So this is proof that we are doing some good, and evolving…or more to the point helping technology to evolve. I had to laugh the other day someone gave me the Guinness Book of World Records 2001. I turned to the technology section, and all the then ‘massive’ hard drives are small now. Beware nanotech has arrived! That’s all the super small shit, like storing masses of data in a molecule. Was reading a Popular Mechanics Last year, I think, and some Asian person had made a playable guitar inside an atom. I’m not sure of all the details. The fact of the matter is we’re becoming more efficient with our storing of data.


The Next Step

Well, hopefully the next step in our evolution will be to cut fuel and CO₂ emissions, preserve the earth in general, and create a healthy environment for who ever is to follow us…

I think we’ll eventually be moving off earth. I’m no expert at this stuff, but since we’re using the earth’s resources like toilet paper, I don’t think there’s really an option, other than to get the hell outta here. Also I don’t believe in the so-called end times, and that everything is going to get worse. Trust me, I’m sure back in the day (late 1930’s), plenty of priests were saying the same with the rise of Nazism and good old Adolf. Although, if I briefly assume the worst, then I believe that some sort of space travel will be essential.

Currently our Sun is middle aged. There is a theory that when it ‘breathes its last’ so to speak, the earth along with all the other planets in the solar system will be sucked into a ball of burning gass. God, that is so comforting, knowing in our final moments we’ll hurtle towards the sun with the flesh melting off our bones, and our bodies turning into a pile of ash.


What Do We Do?

Are there things we can to cope with our evolving? I think that there are. The most crucial would be to stay in touch with the world around us. This means following political movements, aswell as opinion and the thinking of the day. If we just give up it, deciding to become a mindless alcoholic (for example), that would be more tragic. It would mean we are one of the ‘stuck’ people who refuse to grow and evolve.

So we have to be in the know. Most of all how we cope with this is a matter of opinion. Also our religion, and beliefs will influence what we make of it. Just to throw around though, I’ve enjoyed this banter. I’m always up for asking questions…so there you have it. I don’t really want to reach a specific conclusion, since I don’t feel there’s need for one.


>May The Muse And Plato Juice Be With You





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