Hardcore and Emo

(This was one of my first posts…just added a cool picture that’s about it!) 😛

Well, the truth of the matter is…it all starts in a classroom. This is a place where I’m surrounded by noisy college students, first year.

I like to think that I’m the average student who enjoys learning. To be more accurate I’d say that I enjoy the community in which learning takes place.

Anyway I hear an emo kid starts talking about blogging. It’s just your normal conversation that you hear him say. He is horribly emo I hate to admit. He kinda reminds me of a teddy bear. Plump, friendly, open hearted…and wears earrings!

He’s a decent enough guy, coming from a decent family, going to a decent college, but annoying me to no end. I gave into a dare (one thing a man shouldn’t do). And the result was a race to our cars and seeing who could get home and blog first.

He won. And it was months ago so I can’t really remember his blogs either, but I failed. I lost to an Emo.

The emo culture gets to me. Well, the main reason is because its a commercialized version of metal that borrows from Punk and Goth…becoming a black hole of feeling for your average mixed up teenager.

The other reason is the confusion. Due to the emotional quality of the music itself, I don’t think that emos really know where they stand in the first place. But how often is emo actually confused with emotion and not culture?

People all the time say to each other ‘stop being so emo’ or ‘you’re an emo fag’ and everything along those lines. Well…what is the point? I would love some one to say to me, ‘stop being so nu metal’ or ‘you’re a thrash addict’. Instead I heard my friend Jono…the Teddy Bear.

He’s also into the Christian circle, which further limits his version of emo. To be honest, I don’t know him well enough to say whether he does have an emo collection of music or not.

After all he is a teddy bear that bounces around a lot, and can ‘get a bit too much’ sometimes…but at the end of the day you still want to hug him. (Emotionally speaking that is, otherwise my heterosexual tendencies could be in question.)

Jono reckons that he listens to hardcore metal/rock whatever you’d like to call it. Sometimes, with regards to the music industry I give up on names, due to the fact that after a while you forget who you’re talking about and just mention the category.

Anyway Jono…if you ever get to read this blog. I would probably say that you’re not an Emo at all. But most probably a Hardcore Emotional Teddy Bear.



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