Early Morning Screech

There’s nothing like being woken up in the morning by a high pitched squeal, flooding out the mouth of a five year-old. To make a long story short…its my next door neighbors’ kid, Jordon. She’s around my half sister’s age, and this morning came bellowing at the door want to play with her.

The only problem was the time of day, which was too early for my liking. I had got to bed last night at around one o’clock…and this episode happened at around about 6:30 AM. It wasn’t much fun to have my head left ringing in the early hours of the morning. She’s got a loud speaker of a voice, and to make matters worse my room, just happens to be near the front door.

Oh well…there’s always another day, where hopefully I’ll be able to sleep in peace…at least get to sleep a lot earlier.




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