The History of a not-so-interesting place


I thought I’d rant on about education for a while. I really disagree with the way education’s been handled in South Africa. I think its similar in other places, but I specifically referring to the mindset where you have to focus your mind on a specific task, in an allocated amount of time. You’re only allowed a certain amount of time for (let’s say) Geography. You might feel like an extra 30 or 60 minutes of it…but school says that the way its gonna be, so you grudgingly comply.

I can clearly remember my Math lessons dragging its heels. For some reason, we always seemed to have it early in the morning…of right at the end of the day. These are two very inconvenient time periods, the latter means you’re at the end of your tether and zoning out when and wherever you get the chance. The former, is when the teenage brain is still trying to recover from the early rise, and trek to the classroom. Math was far too logical for that time if day.

Going back to the education system…I think we can’t expect kids to concentrate of a particular subject…for say an hour…and then all of a sudden snap naturally into a new subject. And yes I know that a lot of us bitch an moan about school, and then at the end of the day…it really was that bad. Think about it, what a waste of time. Not many people tell you this, but school was initially invented during the Industrial Revolution which meant that while all the mummies and daddies were at the factories…the kids were kept out of trouble and sent to school.





Get a picture of Oliver Twist in your head…and you’re half way there. So all the Mums and Dads did all the earning of money, and the children were cruelly sent to school to suffer and die. Getting an education in itself is not a bad idea. But put it alongside with a shitload of other stuff, like peer pressure, bullying, unfair competition, herd-mentality and that is a nasty mix.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be crawling down mines, and sold as child labor…than suffer the harsh social conditions offered at school. Back in the day there really wasn’t much choice. Think of poor Oliver who was an orphan to make matters worse. So he started off in an orphanage and chose a life of crime, since he saw that as a better option, at the time…but was it? The living conditions were marginally better, and only major pull factor would be that Thieves have nice stuff (i.e. that items that they steal). If you’re skilled in the art of pick-pocketing you can have better food to eat, and become wealthy.

So this is how I see it…on the one end you can face the horrible conditions school has to offer. Or get recruited in the Industrial side of this and put your body through a lot of strain for not a helluva lot of money. Stealing clearly became attractive. Theft is still a problem, when there is a massive lower-class left to rot, and watch the successful and growing upper-class…its tough. To make matters worse, nowadays the gap between the very rich and poor is growing wider, so the contrast is that even harsher.


The Two Big Questions left to my generation (Generation Y to be exact)…

    à What the hell do we do with all this Mess?

    à Can we help the future generations survive this?

Don’t even consider Al Gore and climate change for the mean time (that can really go on forever.)





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