What’s the point of getting festive?

Now that it’s the end of the year…it’s a junction point. People’s stress levels increase, and getting everything ‘planned’ for these Christmas holidays get everyone caught. Plus you might even have to face family and guests you wouldn’t normally, but since there’s a sense of global etiquette you feel obliged.


So what’s the point of getting festive?

Is there a logical reasoning behind the myth of Father Christmas who brings presents to all the good children?

Should we be making an effort to get things to work at the end of this year, even when everything might feel like its collapsing?

* * *

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with festivity quite honestly (provided they take Christmas carols out of shopping malls). If there’s an excuse for people to get together and become more united, well…why not? No one hates getting a Christmas present, whether you’re four or forty years old. Everyone still gets a tingle in their eyes, when they’re about to get a gift. It’s a warming thought knowing that someone was out there thinking about you (even if it was a last minute idea.) There’s nothing wrong with bring people together, assuming it’s done with well-meaning intentions.

Father Christmas is not real. All intelligent adults know of good old St. Nicholas who started this. Although the pot-bellied, fun-loving grandfather figure that lives in the North Pole with childlike elves…is not real. I think Father Christmas was created purely for the children, and to provide backing to the festive-ness that surrounds this period. Its mighty tempting to rant and rave about how over-rated he is, but he does bring meaning to all the half pints, eager for a new toy.

Lastly…is there really a point to any of this? Yeah I think so. Christmas may be stressful, or at least the events leading up to it…but I think people create stressful events. Look everyone has shit happen to them at some point, but there’s know point in letting it get the better of you this time of year. To tell the truth, I cried my eyes out on New Years Eve because I was experiencing some anxiety, relating issues that had happened through out the year. So enjoy this time of year while it lasts, it’s not for long…but it’s a time when we can put our feet back. So if things do feel a little cloudy and uncertain, it’s probably for a legitimate reason, but don’t feel like there’s no hope left.

Its just not worth it J



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