This is an article that I thought of submitting to a gaming magazine but never got round to…



Gaming has nostalgia attached to it. A seasoned gamer will tell you this. I found out by going back and playing the absorbing Diablo 2, frustrating Baldur’s Gate, and the nail-biting Half Life.


Now two questions are thrown at me. One is why am I mentioning old games and two, why am I being stupid by mentioning an FPS alongside RPG’s. Well stepping across genres is like stepping across moods. We will stick with one genre for a particular reason, like to improve accuracy, or mold a story, to enjoy the physics, and it continues. So throwing together an RPG and FPS might make some Warcraft groupies cringe. You could see a whole lot of pure FPS gamers write off the current GTA’s as Gangster-junk with a chaotic storyline. It makes you wonder if the gaming world can satisfy the Purists.


So this is exactly what I’m thinking (holding San Andreas in one hand and Half Life 2 in the other). Can we make a game that’s ‘light and fun’?


I confess all games are absorbing, so can we come up with a game that mixes genres (a bit like GTA) that doesn’t drain all of our thinking energy. The legendary GTA does unfortunately lean more towards the FPS side of things. Searching for an alternative I think of Oblivion but this one leans in the opposite direction (RPG based).


On the whole RPG’s take more time and are Fantasy/Science Fiction-based. So my 10 minutes of intense fun in Counter Strike Source, would be converted into an hour on Titan Quest Immortal Throne.


Now to clear up the questions, I confess that I’m definitely a fan of the GTA series, although the American theme is getting tiring even by changing the location. I also love RPG’s. Although I’m keen to see a mixture that will keep game play ‘light and fun’.


I am being idealistic, but I’m also skeptical of some RPG’s. So personally if I were to choose…you can give me a FPS any day!




One thought on “FPS RPG FTW

  1. someguy says:

    I agree. I hate the FPS/RPG hybrids out there with open world. I like something like Crysis – linear story/progression, but you can tackle your objectives any way you want. The actual shooting action, not talking with NPCS or upgrading gear, is what the game should be about.

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