I recently got a job at a book shop. Well, it be honest every bone in my body is alive with enthusiasm. It’s called Books and Books. Its one of those lesser known ones, that’s still pretty up market, and is absolutely crammed with stuff. And a general rule of thumb I use you ALWAYS find interesting people in a bookstore (i.e. the friendly guys behind the counter). I can’t remember exactly but apparently there was an internet survey that said a book shop was the 4th best place to meet someone. The first is a bar, the second is a night club, the third a clothing store…and the fourth is a book shop funny enough. It’s also pretty encouraging since I’ll hopefully meet women who are slightly more on the intellectual end of things.

Another positive thing. Firstly I am a pirate. Not the traditional “har harrr me matey…” but rather the kind that likes to leech lots of cool stuff from people and believes in torrents, etc. This is a grey area for a lot of people. But more to the point…I met Hergasan (cool Indian guy, part time store manager) who has tons of anime, and music apparently…so means there a possibility of leeching lots of stuff from him. I’ll trade of course. Every pirate is an honest fella who shares his gold equally and honestly among his fellow lackeys. (You must excuse the pirate theme getting the better of me…)

So bottom line is that cool people work at a bookshop. There is a really awesome TV series called Black Books also about people who work in a book shop. Its Irish comedy…one of the best series I’ve seen for ages in my opinion. I won’t give too much of it away…but this is just to say that I really recommend it. Its amazing…it’s also deliciously sacrilegious at times (e.g. the very first episode), but don’t let that become the factor that puts you off either. Whatever religious background you’re from give it a watch anyway…


>May The Books Be With You 😉


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