Old School Death Metal

(Opinion on Old School Death Metal from my good friend Khaya)

First of all before I launch into all the technicalities…anyone is welcome to correct my errors. I do stand under correction since the whole metal industry is BIG and there is so much to cover that I most of the time ‘use brush strokes’ to show what I want to say…

Now onto my ‘new’ choice of a decent old school metal band…

“If you want old school go for Vader,” I’m told. (This is a quotation sign I’m throwing here, since one of my hobby horses is quoting my source.) This whole article started when the other day I went to go and buy a metal album and I landed up having to opt for the Obituary album Frozen in Time. This was mainly because of the price that I chose it…but also that shop in particular didn’t seem to have any other ‘decent’ album that was also on sale. Ok I lie…they did have the Soulfly album 3 which I had already, and also they had the NIN (Nine Inch Nails) album Broken. So yes I had the terribly easy choice between Soufly, NIN and Obituary. Due to my death metal and drumming preferences I swayed towards the Obituary album.

(Just out of interest I also bought another album by The Cult “Beyond Good and Evil”, which also turned out to be a really good choice of old school rock to buy.)

Now back to my friend Khaya…he’s a good dude. I know that he is also a crazy Deicide fan along with Cannibal Corpse, so things do get tricky. In other words…he doesn’t go for anything melodic. I assume (bearing in mind he’s still an acquaintance) he  loves grindcore buuut I still need to double check on that.

So long metalheads lml

ScreamPig (an alias I used when gaming and fragging people)……aka……..PhilosopherPoet


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