Corel PhotoPaint© – (Alternative to Adobe Photoshop?)

Tonight (Monday, October 22, 2007) I met with a really amazing local South African Poet called Chris Mann. Anyway his wife (Julia Skeen) is an amazing artist, and I got chatting to her.

This was at Live Poets Society where both Chris and Julia Mann did a multi-media/poetry/music/nature workshop.

Anyway I noticed that the pictures were done really well with a computer program, which led me to ask her which/what program she was using. Anyway…it turned out to be photopaint, which sounds really interesting. I’m used to photoshop which has some amazing features, but I take it that the program she was using, is really amazing…and I’m keen to see it.

Like anything I’m turning this into a blog…lol. So feedback would be really helpful…since I’m just about to launch into the photography world.




*May The Muse And Poetic Juice Be With You*



One thought on “Corel PhotoPaint© – (Alternative to Adobe Photoshop?)

  1. Eric Gooden says:

    Corel Photopaint is an awesome program. I don’t think they even make that product anymore. Years ago, Photoshop even took some ideas from it. And vice versa. I’ve never used Photoshop, but I think that Photoshop ( not elements, but the real version ) is a lot more powerful than Photopaint. Then again, it’s several times more expensive too. I use Photopaint daily. I’ve used version 8, which is about 10 or 11 years old now ! Works fine with windows XP. It really is a nice little program. You are welcome to email me if you have any questions.

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