“Other People ALMOST Making Babies”

It is an early morning where I can’t get much sleep…so I have decided that all that this means is…more time to blog. Yes even if it means blogging about blogging, although I haven’t resorted to that yet…so things must be going alright so far… 😉

What has come up in my mind is porn. Like every man in this world I am driven by the need to make lots and lots of babies. So what this comes down to is watching other people ALMOST make lots and lots of babies. It’s the closest I can get at this point without a girlfriend (something I’ve been longing for just ‘by the way’). So the question that I have now, is not to querying the point of watching other people almost making a great deal of babies, but to question the motives.


…Just Speaking Briefly…

(I have come from a predominantly Christian background/upbringing, and due to the discussions and occasional sermon that’s rattled through me, I’ll try and give this an objective approach. Look no one can be totally objective, and because I happen to be a man I’m not going to be talking like some multi-amoeba that has had all its sexuality drained.)


Why does the sight of beautiful woman turn me on? Okay, as simple as it sounds, this question needs to be asked. It seriously bugs me. I sometimes I had an on/off switch in my head that just for a day (or maybe slightly less) could give my ‘homosexual vision’. I’m not talking about vision that makes you gawk at hairy, sweaty, manly legs for a day. I’m saying could someone give me a chemical or something for a day that could make me not get drawn into those luscious women painted on pretty much everything media related nowadays.

Now this already sounds horribly like something that’s going to turn into a discussion about love and what it is. Well, sorry to disappoint you but its not, it about People Obliged to Reproduce New ones. I once heard someone tell me that women are turned on by touch and men are turned on by sight. It sounds very simplistic but I do think that there is a bit of truth in that comment.

So what is it in the universe that does this cruel thing to men? The media actually hunts men in a way, it stalks me by throwing women – who can’t wear too many clothes – on advertisements, TV, the internet…and it goes on. Anyway this my ranting about the whole thing…there should be a part 2 at some stage…


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