Can you hold me close?

( This is an excerpt from a Song by David Ballam, my awesome brother.) Just a bit on my brother before you are launched into this amazing piece of art. He’s my twin brother David…me being Jonathan. I think that he’s a really amazing songwriter, and will get even better the older he gets. So I’ll say upfront look out for this guy! I also have a really strong and close relationship with him, so it makes the time that I spend with him even more meaningful to me. ๐Ÿ˜›
I just wanna say that Dave…I appreciate the great brother you are and will still become, and you must keep up the good things you do…

Can you hold me close?

“I’m a shattered pane, please just drown me in your stain

Is your cross-blood in my veins?

Wrap me up on a Sunday, as fragile good,

Salt me in your tears, as you hang on that wood.”

– David Ballam (aka Ledge)


WARNING! (I would like to say that this is not my picture. This picture was taken from the website and done by the artist CanDaN. For more information on this image, go check out the webpage! Otherwise treat just treat it as art!)

Comment on my Brothers Song:
Wow…what poetry! …

If this doesn’t make people impressed, or affect them in some way…then I be greatly surprised :-0

I repeat the same old Mantra I will start to use throughout my Blog…

*May The Muse And Plato Juice Be With You*



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